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Shower Doors

Glass Glossary

Automatic Doors-A power-operated door that closes when subject to an abnormally high ambient temperature, an unusual rate of temperature rise, or an abnormal smoke condition

Ball-Bearing Hinge - A hinge equipped with ball bearings between the hinge knuckles to reduce friction.Backcheck - Optional feature in hydraulic door closers (Dorma TS-93), which takes effect at a certain degree of opening and controls the speed of the door during the balance of its opening cycle.

Beveled Glass -A decorative form of edgeworking, where the edges of a glass pane are ground and polished smoothly at an angle.

Blast Resistant Glass-A laminated glazing construction commonly specified to mitigate injuries from flying glass resulting from an air-blast explosive.

Bullet Resistant Glass-A multiple lamination of glass or glass and plastic that is designed to resist penetration from medium-to-super-power small arms and high-power rifles.

Building entrance Casement Window-A window hinged on the side that opens to the outside.A window having at least one casement, 1; may be used in any combination with fixed lights

Clad Frame-Panels forming the fa├žade of a building, normally non load bearing concrete units.

Custom Mirrors- Mirrors altered in order to fit somebody's requirements better

Custom Glass replacement- Oversized or altered glass cut to fit somebodys requirements better

Cylindrical Lock - A type of bored lock. The locking mechanism is usually contained within a cylindrical case, and actuated by a cylinder and/or a button in the knob.Center Pivot - A special type of hanging device for heavy-duty doors that usually swing both ways (double acting).

Concealed Overhead Closers(Coc closers)-A closer concealed in the frame header with an arm connecting to the door at the top rail.

Curtain Wall-An exterior wall that provides no structural support. Curved glass
Glass, which is curved in form, produced by heating it to its softening point, so that it takes the shape of the mould. Annealed, toughened and laminated glass is available in curved form.

Double-glazed unit- Two panes of glass, separated by a cavity and hermetically sealed in a factory, to provide thermal insulation.

Double Egress - A pair of doors that are comprised of two single-acting doors swinging in opposite directions, both doors being of the same hand.

Double-Acting Door - A door equipped with hardware that permits it to swing to either side of the plane of its frame.

Door Closer - (or Door Check) - A device attached at the top of the door, either on the surface or mortised, to regulate and control the operation of the door

Electric Strike - An electrical device that replaces a regular lock strike and allows opening of the door from a remote location or by special access equipment.

Emergency Board Up Service-  A service we offer in case of an unexpected break after business hours where  you can call us 24 hours a day to come out to secure your store immediately.

Exit Device - A door locking device designed to grant instant exit from an area, by pressing on a crossbar, which releases the locking bolt or latch.

Extrusion - The process of producing metal shapes by forcing heated metal through an orifice in a die by means of a pressure arm; any item made by this process

Enamelled glass -One face of the glass is enamelled, by applying a ceramic frit that is then fired into the surface of the glass at high temperature. Depending on the cooling regime employed, this then results in either a heat-strengthened or thermally toughened glass.

Floor Closer - A door closing device that is installed in a recess the floor below the door in order to regulate and control the opening and closing of the door.

Flush Bolt - A door bolt so designed that when installed it is flush with the face or edge of a door.

 Full Mortise - Hinge with one leaf mortised in the edge of the door, the other mortised in the door jamb.

Free standing barrier -A structural barrier where the glass is fixed to the structure, either adhesively or by clamping, along its bottom edge and has a continuous handrail attached to the top edge. The glass is designed to withstand all the imposed design loads and there are no balusters.

Full Surface - Hinge with one leaf secured to the surface of the door, the other secured to surface of door jamb.

Float Glass - Glass formed on a bath of molten tin. Fireproofing - Any material protecting structural members to increase their fire resistance.

Flashing - The sheet metal work used to prevent leakage over windows and doors, around chimneys, and at the intersection of different wall surface and roof planes.

 Fire Wall - A wall extending from foundation through the roof to subdivide a building in order to restrict the spread of fire. Fire Door Frame for Lites - A frame that, in addition to a door opening, contains an opening(s) for use with glazing materials. Various types include transom lite, sidelite, and transom and sidelite frames.

Fire Door - The operable component of a fire door assembly designed to provide a specific degree of fire protection, while at the same time allowing building occupants to pass through. Fire Door Assembly - Any combination of a fire door, a frame, hardware, and other accessories that together provide a specific degree of fire protection to the opening.

Fire-rated Doors-The ability of a door to provide an effective barrier against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases and / or to reduce the transmittance of radiated heat.

Fire-rated Floors-The ability of a floor to provide an effective barrier against the passage of flames, smoke and toxic gases and / or to reduce the transmittance of radiated heat.

Glass Ceramic - Fire-Lite

Glass Security Booths- Security booth constructed of glass, usually bullet resistant glass

Glass Floors- Floors made out of Glass usually seen in High-end hotels or clubs

Glass bars- Bar made out of Glass.Usually seen in High-end Clubs

Glass Staircase- Stair case made out of glass.

Glass fence- fence constucted of glass , usually used around indoor or outdoor pools at hotels.

Glass railings- uses glass as a structural baluster,providing clear, unobstructed views and beautiful accents to balconies and businesses

Glass Screens-a grid that has opaque lines intersecting at right angles, forming transparent squares

Glass beams -beams constructed of glass

Glass rooflights- is a system for glass canopies ideal for entrances, secondary doors, balconies and garden areas -

Glass canopies- mounted glass canopy constructed of glass

Glass Fin assemblies-A vertical support made entirely of glass between two abutting glass panes. Also sometimes known as a glass mullion.

Hinge - Two jointed plates hinged together and attached to a door and its frame. Serves to support or "hang" the door and allows the door to swing or move.

Hollow metal doors- A metal door (commonly of the flush type), fabricated of sheet steel and reinforced by light metal channels; has a hollow core, sometimes filled with a light filler material.

Insulated Glass-Insulated glass comprises two or more transparent glazing layers, separated by dead air spaces to reduce the heat conduction. Insulating glass units are standard for modern commercial glass applications and a requirement for most new construction..

Jamb - The vertical member forming the side of a door, window or wall opening frame. The hinge jamb is the jamb at which the hinges or pivots are installed. The strike jamb is the jamb in which a strike may be installed and away from which the door or window swings. A blank jamb is one that has not been prepared to receive hardware.

Kick Plate - A protective plate applied on the lower rail of the door to protect against the door being marred.

Lexan Glass-LEXAN is a registered trademark for General Electric's brand of highly durable polycarbonate resin thermoplastic intended to replace glass where the need for strength justifies its higher cost

Laminated Glass-Two or more lites of glass permanently bonded together with one or more interlayers.

Labeled Door (or Frame) - A door or frame that conforms to all the applicable requirements - in respect to fire resistance - of a nationally recognized testing authority and bears a label designating the fire rating.

Leaf - One of the two doors forming a pair or a double door.

Lever Handle - A horizontal handle on a lockset or auxiliary lock. Lockset - A complete lock or latch assembly, includes the lock or latch mechanism and trim (knobs, levers, handles, roses, and escutcheons).

Latchbolt - A lock component having a beveled end that projects from the lock front but may be forced back into the lock case by end pressure or drawn back by action of the lock mechanism. When the door is closed, the latchbolt projects into a hole provided in the strike, holding the door in a closed position. Mortise Lock - A lock assembly designed to be mortised into the edge cut out in a door.

Monolithic Glass - Glass composed of a single layer.

Mortise - An opening, recess or cutout made to receive a lock or other hardware. Also, the act of making such an opening.

Mortise cylinder - A cylinder with a threaded body and a cam. Normally used with mortise locks.

Offset Pivot - A special hanging device for heavy-duty doors, used on doors swinging one way only.

Opacified Glass-Glass which has been fully enamelled or painted on one side to make it non-transparent.

Premium Grade Glass - Clear FireLite that has been polished for superior optical clarity.

Pre-Assembled Lock - A lockset that has all the parts assembled as a unit at the factory. Requires little or no assembly for installation. Installs into a rectangular notch cut into the door edge. Panic Hardware - A locking device installed on an exit door to release the latch when the crash bar is pushed. Also known as fire-exit bolt; panic hardware.

Polished edge Glass -A special fabrication done to the edge of a piece of glass. Makes the edge smooth and gives it an extremely shiny or polished appearance.

Pattern Glass-Glass with textured surface to emit light but restrict vision

Plexi Glass-a clear lightweight type of plastic. Used for watch crystals it is least likely to shatter and most likely to scratch.

Rice Paper Glass Film -is a film designed for privacy, safety and security properties. It allows light in yet offers privacy

Revolving door-A door, as in the entrance of an office or apartment building, usually consisting of four rigid upright sections interconnected at right angles and rotating about a central upright pivot.

Rim Cylinder-Mounted through the door independently of the lock, usually by screws from the reverse side, and engaging the lock mechanism by means of a tailpiece.

Rim-A term indicating articles of hardware designed for application to the surface of the door or frame. Reveal (of a door frame) - That part of a back bend that projects out from the finished wall. Also, the dimension from the inside face of the door to the face of the frame at the side opposite from the direction of the door swing.

Rail - A full thickness, horizontal structural member forming the top or bottom edge of a door or sash. May be located at an intermediate height in a door, separating panels or glazed areas.

Standard Grade glass-Clear but unpolished FireLite that will have a slight surface distortion/waviness similar to that of antique glass. Not recommended for large lites of glass where high optical quality is required (see "premium grade"). Recommended for smaller lites such as small door lites where optical quality is not important.

Sidelite-The glazed frame or frames placed on one or both sides of a door.

Skylight- Roof opening covered with translucent or transparent glass or plastic designed to admit daylight. Skylights have found wide application admitting steady, even light in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings, especially those with a northern orientation. Installations range from purely functional daylighting to elaborate aesthetic forms. Flat-roofed buildings may have domed skylights; in others the skylight follows the slope of the roof. Often the skylight, or a portion of it, functions as an operating window to admit air.

Switchlite Privacy glass(Electric Glass)-Privacy Glass is an electronically switchable glass made using a liquid crystal interlayer

Safety glass- Glass which must have passed an impact test (BS 6206: 1981) and either must not break or must break safely.

Tinted glass -Glass which has been tinted, usually to filter out near-infrared solar energy, thereby reducing the solar heat gain through the glass and reducing the load on the air-conditioning system.

Tempered Glass- Flat or bent glass that has been heat-treated to a high surface and or/edge compression. Fully tempered glass, if broken, will fracture into many small pieces (dice) which are more or less cubical. Fully tempered glass is approx. four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness. (Outside of North America sometimes called "toughened glass").

Transom- An opening in a door frame above the door opening that is filled by a solid panel or with glazing material.

Wired Glass-Rolled glass having a layer of meshed wire completely imbedded as nearly as possible to the center of the thickness of the lite. Approved polished wired glass is used as transparent or translucent fire protection rated glazing. It breaks more easily than unwired glass of the same thickness.

Weather Stripping- A narrow piece of material, such as plastic, rubber, felt, or metal, installed around doors and windows to protect an interior from external extremes in temperature.

Wall partition-Glass partition walls are a serier of individual toughened glass panels, which
are suspended from and slide along a robust aluminium ceiling track.

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